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PARTY GIRL (Cyd Charisse)


An opulent homage to the film noir legends of the 1950s & 60s; Didi channels the inimitable Cyd Charisse, an enigmatic showgirl, caught amongst gangsters and tough guys. Swept up in acres of bright pink silk, and with a leg line to die for, Didi shows us what she’s really made of. Appearing as a statuesque MGM beauty brought to life, she really gets the party started though agile and brazen choreography designed to make you blush the colour of her outfit!


This act is a film buff’s dream. Playful, alluring and precise; as she casts elements of her outfit aside with gay abandon, Didi will have you into throwing your caution straight to the wind.  You’ll beam along with her as she brings back to life the later days of golden age Hollywood. 


This act is, although burlesque inspired, a non-strip act, so could be perfect at any event.

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