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DiDi 4 _preview.jpg


Prepare to be seduced! A darker side of Didi reveals herself through the ultimate vaudevillian striptease. Didi; a professionally trained Musical Theatre performer, is right at home centre stage, commanding every eye in the room. Her alabaster skin contrasts beautifully with anclassic black bejewelled outfit, using a luxurious black boa, didi draws your gaze exactly where she wants it at every turn.  


Ever the femme fatale, she teases the audience, powerfully firing her adorned corset into the crowd as she whips herself (and the crowd) into a frenzy. Making the most of one of the greatest Musical Theatre songs ever written, every accent and beat of the music is complemented by Didi’s effortless theatrical flair. This is a barn-stormer of an act, guaranteed to engage even the most stoic of audiences.  

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